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I consider this magazine a “Must Read” because I’ve personally found it to be a resource rather than a bunch of fluff and redundant articles.

Millionaire Blueprints is a bi monthly magazine targeting entrepreneurs.

The way that it sets itself apart is that at the end of most of it’s articles that spotlight the success story of the person they interview, they post a detailed list of resources that were instrumental in the person’s success. That same list is designed as a blueprint that you can follow yourself, putting you on the road to the same opportunity for success-thus the name “Blueprints”.

The publisher is not ashamed to tell new readers that the magazine is not a quick read, and you can immediately tell once you start glancing through it.

But that’s where this magazine becomes a resource that you’ll take to work with you, travel with and especially in front of the computer with you as you look up the recommended sources that led to the success of those that they interview.

On several pages after each story, you’ll find a host of links, books, phone numbers, etc. that can get you a jump on your own path to entrepreneurial success.

The only place I know where to find copies are at your local Barnes and Noble, but subscribing is recommended because you won’t want miss an issue after you take a look.

If you’ve read it before, share your feedback by posting a comment.

If you have questions, do the same.


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