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Whether you are an emerging entrepreneur just launching out or you’ve been in business for several years, you may have been (or still could be) guilty of one of these mistakes that many entrepreneurs make:

1. Having no clear WRITTEN plan or strategy for your business .

No matter where you are in the growth of your business, you must have some sort of written plan or goals for where the business is going. Your written strategy is your roadmap of three things:

  • Where you are now.
  • Where you are going.
  • How to get there.


A plan is written for intentional progress. It can be flexible, but it MUST be present.

2. Not having an EFFECTIVE web presence for your business. (more…)


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Part of what I tell my clients to do when it comes to marketing themselves is the “P” of my “R.E.P” acronym:

  • R: Reach the audience that’s MOST LIKELY to do business with you.
  • E: Educate that audience on your product/service or industry.
  • P: POSITION yourself as an EXPERT in your Industry (the “Go To” person!)

Be a GURU! A guru is defined as “A recognized leader in a field”.
What are you already an expert at? If your are an agent for pre-paid legal services, then you are an expert to some degree in the area of legal needs for Small Businesses. If your business is landscaping, then position yourself as the authority when it comes to curb appeal and lawncare.

WHY? (more…)

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Tip: Use testimonials rather than a typical ad message!

Why? For 2 reasons:

First, because although there are so many marketing methods out there from billboards to the web, one of the most effective methods will always be Word of Mouth advertising.

Why? Because it’s your job to tell everyone why your product or service is so great. But it’s not your customers job to do it. Because of this fact, prospects will listen more and take to heart things that
a satisfied customer of your business says. This is mostly true because your satisfied customer has a similiar need that your prospect has. When your satisfied customer shares their success with doing business with you, the prospect trusts you more.

Second, using testimonials in your ad allows you to get more “mileage” out of the Word of Mouth advertising. (more…)

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